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Low Code/No-Code Data Literacy with KNIME: From Basic to Advanced

Low-code/no-code data analytics tools have been instrumental in enabling the transition from manual, code-heavy, and resource-intensive environments to an automated, scalable, and insights-driven focus. Instead of commands, low-code/no-code platforms have built-in functionality that enables users to start creating data science applications via a drag-and-drop interface. In contrast to coding approaches, low-code/no-code technologies offer an opportunity for users to concentrate on data science and less on the lines of code. The intuitive visual environment also enables business users with less technical skills to build and consume applications. In this course, learn how to use KNIME Analytics Platform to access, blend, analyze and visualize data in a low-code/no-code environment. For anyone who works with data, this course can take your data literacy to the next level by learning how to use a tool that makes sophisticated data analytics accessible to non-technical people.

This course was created by KNIME. We are pleased to host this training in our library. Download the KNIME Analytics Platform for free here.

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