PCIP Semester

Developed in 1976, PCIP: Semester provides students with a generous stipend to pursue part-time, unpaid experiential learning opportunities with employers in Los Angeles and the Inland Empire. PCIP: Semester occurs every fall and spring!

  • Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, both remote and in-person internships will be considered for PCIP funding.
  • Students can secure their own opportunity or apply through Handshake to “PCIP-eligible” listings.
  • Participating students will need to complete at least 80 hours during the semester.

Note for current students: Mid-semester check-ins have been extended until March 22nd. Please check Sakai for more details.

PCIP Semester FAQs

If you fulfill the following criteria, you can apply for PCIP:

  1. Completed at least one semester*
  2. Must be enrolled full-time at Pomona College for respective PCIP Semester cycle.*
  3. Good academic standing (not on academic probation)*
  4. CPT eligible (applicable to F-1 International Students only); see International Student FAQs below for additional information
  5. Secured a PCIP-eligible internship (PCIP-eligible means the internship must be unpaid and that you aren’t receiving credit for it via a major/program) Opportunities being considered for PCIP must be one of our “PCIP-eligible” internships on Handshake or an opportunity with an eligible organization.**
    • Industry Eligibility Clarification Companies or organizations with a focus on the following industries are NOT eligible for PCIP consideration: consulting, finance/accounting, engineering, tech (including bio-tech/fin-tech, etc.), pharmaceuticals, and retail.  Example: Eligible – A finance intern role for a non-profit organization. Not eligible – A finance intern role for a company in the finance industry.
  6. Can fulfill 80-hour semester commitment to internship

*These items will be verified by the Registrar’s Office.

Undocumented & DACA-mented students are welcome to apply.

The PCIP: Semester application can be accessed via SurveyMonkey Apply and requires the following items:

  • Résumé (the one used to apply to your internship opportunity)
  • Cover Letter (the one used to apply to your internship opportunity)
  • Video Interview 
  • Official Offer Letter from Employer (not negotiable; internships must be secured at time of application)

Refer to the How-to Use SurveyMonkey Apply guide for step-by-step instructions.

Students who are awarded PCIP will be required to submit the following funding documents to accept the award:

  • W9/W8-BEN form
  • Pomona College Direct Deposit Form
  • Bank Documentation for Direct Deposit

Please make note of the following:

  • All materials must be submitted through SurveyMonkey Apply.
  • All applications & associated materials will be reviewed by CDO staff.
  • No late applications or materials will be reviewed. 
  • Students will be notified of funding decisions within 1 week from the application deadline. 
  • Payments take approximately 10 business days to process. 
  • Payments tend to be delayed by mistakes in funding paperwork: incorrect SSN, no bank documentation, missing account/routing numbers. When submitting an application, please ensure all forms are correctly and completely filled out.

Dec. 04 – The PCIP Application opens via SurveyMonkey Apply

Jan. 02* – The PCIP Application closes at 5 p.m. (PT)

Jan. 12 – PCIP Decisions will be sent out

Jan. 16 – First day internship hours begin

Jan. 19 – Deadline to accept PCIP offer

May. 01 – Last day to fulfill internship hours (minimum of 80 hours required)

*Our office will be closed during winter break from December 22, 2023 through January 2, 2024. Please ensure to plan accordingly with questions and inquiries. 

Students stipend awards will be determined by modality:

  • $1,200 for remote
  • $1,500 for hybrid
  • $1,800 for in-person 

All PCIP funding is disbursed via direct deposit and contingent on students completing required internship hours & semester assignments. Please note that PCIP funding is not intended to replace wages. Instead, the funding is meant to help alleviate supplemental costs associated with pursuing an unpaid internship during the course of the semester.

Important: Students must commit to working a minimum of 80 internship hours during the semester.

Please note: Recipients may not participate in both PCIP and any other Pomona College employment or stipend programs during the semester. (e.g., SURP/RAISE, Mellon-Mays, Humanities Studio, Beckman, departmental funding).

Tax Implications: Based on the size of your stipend and the items you spend the money on, there may be tax implications. The IRS considers the award as income to the recipient. When filing tax returns, it may be required to report the amount of the award. Please consult a tax professional with any questions or assistance. Visit the Financial Aid website to learn more.

Students with a demonstrated financial need, as determined by the Office of Financial Aid, may be eligible for additional funds.

Students receiving PCIP funding are expected to represent Pomona College with integrity in all off-campus conduct.  This includes abiding by the regulations and expectations (e.g. dress code, modes of communication, office conduct, etc.) set in place by your employer.

Funding decisions are at the discretion of the Assistant Director of Experiential Learning and the Career Development Office.

Unpaid Internships Only

The CDO uses the definition of internships provided by the National Association of Colleges & Employers (NACE): 

An internship is a form of experiential learning that integrates knowledge and theory learned in the classroom with practical application and skills development in a professional setting.

Internships should:

  1. Provide “real-world” experience beyond the classroom.
  2. Involve reciprocity, i.e., a mutually beneficial experience for both the student and the internship provider.
  3. Include a high level of supervision, training, and mentoring.

No Shadowing

Shadowing experiences are ineligible for PCIP funding.

New Internship Experience Each Semester

Students must have secured a new internship experience each semester they apply for funding.

  • Students returning to the same employer, in the same position/role will not receiving funding.
  • Students returning to the same employer, but in a new position/role or with increasing responsibility will be considered.

80 Hour Minimum

Students receiving PCIP funding are required to complete at least 80 hours at their internship over the course of the semester. Students & supervisors are encouraged to keep a log of hours completed.  

Students should also account for holidays, midterms, finals, and any other planned absences when creating their internship schedule with their supervisor(s).

Failure or refusal to complete the 80 hour minimum will result in termination of funding, loss of transcript notation, and will be considered in any future application for PCIP funding.

Semester Assignments in Sakai

Students receiving PCIP funding must complete all required program assignments (available via Sakai).  Failure or refusal to submit timely, quality, PCIP assignments will result in the termination of funding, loss of transcript notation, and will be considered in any future application for PCIP funding.

Ineligible Opportunities

The following opportunities are ineligible for PCIP: Semester funding:

  • Paid opportunities
  • Shadowing experiences
  • Opportunities that are a requirement of a major/program (i.e. mandatory PPA internships for seniors in the fall semester)
  • Opportunities where you’ll be receiving Pomona College course credit
  • Opportunities where you’ll be receiving additional funding support (i.e. CDO Pre-Health Transportation Subsidy)
  • Opportunities with any fee component (tuition, room/board, etc.)
  • Independent projects with no supervision, program, or structure in place
  • Non-credit courses or training programs
  • Pomona College or other 7C-based opportunities (opportunities must be external & organized/administered by the employer/company/organization)
  • Opportunities run by current undergraduate students
  • Opportunities being considered for PCIP must be one of our “PCIP-eligible” internships on Handshake or an opportunity with an organization that is not within the following industries: consulting, finance/accounting, engineering, tech (including bio-tech/fin-tech, etc), pharmaceuticals, and retail. 

Unsure of where or how to start? Make an appointment in Handshake or attend PCIP Virtual drop-ins. *NEW* Check out the interactive map of previous employers that have hired students in past semesters, visit the student opportunities dashboard.

In previous semesters we referred to employers that hired students via PCIP as “PCIP Partners” & internships they posted in Handshake were labeled as “PCIP-Only.”  In response to concerns over exclusivity, fairness, & access across the 7C community, we will no longer label internships posted by employers as “PCIP-only.”  Instead, such opportunities will be labeled as “PCIP-eligible.”  The label will simply serve as a quick way for Pomona students to identify any eligible internships for PCIP: Semester funding.

Students must first secure an opportunity in order to apply to PCIP, as an offer letter is a required part of the application. Your offer letter should:

  • Be on official letterhead
  • Be signed & dated by a company representative
  • Include your name
  • Include your start date
  • State the duration of the experience
  • State that your internship is unpaid
  • Clearly indicate whether your experience will be remote or in-person (For in-person internships, we ask that employers offer you the flexibility to work remotely, if needed. This option should be indicated in your offer letter.)

*If you do not have an official offer letter at this time, we will accept an email screenshot/PDF containing the same information above.