Pomona College Internship Program (PCIP)

The Career Development Office offers two distinguished internship programs with the Pomona College Internship Program (PCIP) — PCIP Semester and PCIP Summer Experience. Both programs aid students in the process of exploring & determining a career path, gaining a rich understanding of a particular field and/or organization, building & growing their professional networks, and enhancing the understanding of how their liberal arts education will be applied in a professional work environment.

PCIP Semester

Developed in 1976, PCIP: Semester provides students with a generous stipend to pursue part-time, unpaid experiential learning opportunities with employers in Los Angeles and the Inland Empire throughout the fall and spring semesters.

PCIP Summer: Domestic

Sagehens who are looking for funding for their summer domestic internship are encouraged to check out our PCIP summer program.

PCIP Summer: International

Pomona College students are encouraged to spread their wings with summer international internships. Check out how you can qualify for funding.

International Student PCIP FAQs

Are you part of the international student community and are not sure if you maybe eligible to apply for PCIP? Check out these resources and information.