Student Responsibility Guidelines for Applications and Interviews

Student Acknowledgement

By using the college’s online recruiting system, it constitutes an agreement between the career centers of The Claremont Colleges and you that you will adhere to the rules, regulations, and policies that are incorporated as part of this agreement. You understand that any abridgment of the rules, regulations, and/or policies by you constitutes the basis for revoking your on-campus recruiting privileges at The Claremont Colleges.


  • I need to submit my application materials through my college’s online recruiting system before the designated deadline listed by employers.
  • If selected for an interview, and I agree to accept the employer’s invitation, it is my responsibility to select an interview time.
  • I am responsible for keeping track of my interview dates, times, and locations. I need to check in with the appropriate career center 10-15 minutes prior to my interview(s).
  • Noncompliance on my part with this policy may revoke all recruiting privileges at The Claremont Colleges for the remainder of the academic year and may result in further disciplinary action.

Cancellation Procedures

I am professionally and ethically obligated to keep all scheduled interview appointments. If I must cancel, I may do so through my college’s online recruiting system 48 hours prior to the interview date.

In Case of an Emergency

  • After the 48-hour deadline, in the case of an emergency, I agree to call or visit in person the Recruiting Coordinator or another professional staff member at the host career center as soon as possible. (No e-mail or voicemail will be accepted.)
  • I agree to document my cancellation by noting the date and time I called and the name of the person with whom I spoke at the host career center to arrange the cancellation.
  • I understand that if I have to cancel after the deadline, no matter what the reason for the cancellation, I am obligated to write an apology letter to the company recruiter with a copy to my career center, and if the host campus is at one of the other Claremont Colleges, a copy to that center as well.

No Show Policy

I understand that if I do not show up for my scheduled interview, I may lose all recruiting privileges at The Claremont Colleges for the remainder of the academic year which may result in further disciplinary action.

Reneging on a Job Offer

Once you accept a job offer–either verbally or in writing–an employment contract has been created and this contract represents an obligation that you are ethically required to uphold. In addition, if you do accept an offer, you have made a commitment to that employer and it is your ethical responsibility to discontinue interviewing with all other employers, including those who come through on-campus recruiting.

Therefore, before you say “yes” and accept an offer, consider your options carefully and ask for more time to make the best decision if you need it. This is not a decision to make lightly or too quickly. Do not take an employment offer that you are unsure of out of fear or insecurity. It is wrong to renege on an employment offer after you have been accepted by an organization and doing so may carry negative consequences for you as a new professional. Additionally, you may cause harm to the relationship that The Claremont Colleges have with an organization and prevent other students from attaining opportunities with that organization in the future. Please contact your career center before you take action if you encounter a situation where you are unsure of what to do. If you renege on an offer that you accepted either verbally or in writing with any employer, then you forfeit your right to participate in the on-campus recruiting program for a period of one year.

Vetting Job Postings

Opportunities posted on Handshake may or may not be reviewed prior to posting and The Claremont Colleges have no control over the quality, safety, or legalities of said opportunities. The approving college cannot be held responsible and/or liable for any damages from the information contained in, or requested by, the opportunities found in the Handshake Network. Users are urged to review opportunities on a case-by-case basis and use caution and common sense before applying.