U.S. Résumé Tips for International Students

The U.S. résumé is a concise marketing tool summarizing your jobs, skills, accomplishments, and relevant academic background. You may be more familiar with calling this document a Curriculum Vitae (CV). Your résumé is your major job search tool and should always be kept up to date.

Here are some specific résumé tips for international students:

  • The length of the résumé is limited to 1-2 pages maximum.
  • Include your language skills on the résumé. For example: Native speaker of Mandarin and proficient in Spanish.
  • Do not include your age/birth date, marital status, race, religion, or visa status.
  • Include your international/cross-cultural experience. Examples might be your use of language skills for projects, how your knowledge of international business practices contributed to a team, or how your unique global perspective helped shape an initiative.
  • Do not include your photograph on the résumé.