Video Interviews

Employers are increasingly relying on video calls, such as Skype or Zoom, as an alternative to phone interviews. They are often used to accommodate candidates who are a long distance from the company or organization they are applying to.

Preparing for the Interview

  • Just as you would for a phone or in-person interview, be sure to research the company or organization ahead of time as well as employees who will be present during your interview, if known.
  • Identify a location for your interview that has a plain, professional background and will be a quiet environment at the time of the call. You may reserve one of the CDO interview rooms, if available.
  • Make sure your equipment (laptop, desktop, camera, etc.) are in proper working order and test your internet connection.
  • Adjust your laptop/desktop so that the camera is sitting at eye-level. You may need to stack books or other materials underneath to help.
  • Pick out appropriate interview attire since you will be seen by the hiring committee!
  • Do a practice interview in advance so you can analyze how you look and sound on camera.

During the Interview

  • Try to avoid using headphones/earbuds during your interview.
  • Limit the paperwork in front of you to decrease the potential habit of looking down.
  • Be aware of visual cues and your body language (good posture, relaxed shoulders).
  • Maintain your smile and strong eye contact (look at the camera, not the screen) as well as engage in active listening.
  • Thank the interviewer(s) for the opportunity at the end.
  • Get contact information for follow-up questions.
  • Ask about the hiring timeline.

Tips for Successful Virtual Interviews


  • Write a thank you note that reiterates your interest in the position.
  • Email is usually acceptable but an actual thank you note or letter is appreciated.